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Trainings & Bootcamps

We offer intensive courses for professionals/corporates who are looking to excel in Agile and DevOps. These accelerator programs impart crucial knowledge and guide the participants to develop applicable skills with the help of interactive and hands-on training sessions. The training programs span over 8-40 hours and are completely customizable. Each of our instructors has over +10 years of industry work experience and are proficient in bringing about Agile Transformations at various organizations.

We have been working with several growing IT companies who wish to develop a truly Agile organization and to accelerate their value delivery processes.

DevOps – Microservices and Docker Bootcamp

  • Continuous Delivery Principles | DevOps Philosophy & Techniques

  • Microservices vs Monolithic | Microservices Architecture | Legacy Modernization

  • Microservices Patterns | Microservices Test Strategies

  • Docker Container Platform | Container Management, Networking & Security

  • Container Deployment on Cloud (AWS / Azure / Digital Ocean)

  • Docker Reference Architectures & Best Practices

  • Cloud Cluster Management | Microservices Web Farm

XP Engineering Bootcamp

  • Learn to deliver stories in an XP way

  • Explore Object Oriented Principles and Patterns

  • Deep dive into Evolutionary architecture and Design

  • Working effectively with Legacy code bases

  • Clean code and Refactoring | Unit-Testing

  • Appreciate & practice Test Driven Development (TDD)

  • Factor in Business needs through Behavior Driven Development (BDD)

Product Owner Bootcamp

  • Understanding the Role of the Product Owner

  • Describing Product Purpose and Strategy

  • Understanding Customers and Users

  • Testing Product Assumptions

  • Working with the Product Backlog

  • Exploring Prioritization Techniques

Agile Team Kickstarter

  • Understanding Agile, myths & principles at depth

  • Initiate, plan and lead a Scrum project

  • Purpose of each activity in scrum & how does it connect to software development

  • Establish planning a release with Agile user stories and story point estimations

  • Kickstart the team(s) with their first set of Scrum ceremonies

  • Assist the team(s) in identifying and creating initial Scrum Artefacts

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