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Custom Software Development

Today, organizations are moving towards the most efficient version of themselves and have become more growth-oriented than ever. Our business partners are using technology to boost productivity and experiment with contemporary ideas. Automation at work and implementation of Microservice applications are some of the trending practices. We have supported our clients by developing cutting-edge tech-enabled solutions using eXtreme Programming (XP) and DevOps.

We have executed projects to enable our clients to achieve the desired business results. With a
start-up like mindset, we strive to understand our customer’s business and work processes to deliver seamless work experiences. Our journey begins with a methodical and thorough understanding of the client’s requirements and business goals. We deliver the best customer satisfaction with our tailored web and mobile solutions. At Steerlean, we work toward the continuous development of our knowledge skillset and processes.

Our Agile Processes allow us to build feature-rich and resilient applications at stunning speeds. Our precise approach that begins at the conception of the project allows our engineering team to drive productivity and to deliver projects at competitive rates. We focus on clean and stable code at every stage of the software development lifecycle. Our tech specialists concentrate on continuous integration & deployment of the software for a quick feedback mechanism that reduces time to market.

Here’s why our customers choose us:

  • Customer-centric, ROI focussed and Easy-to-work-with teams

  • Experienced team members with domain expertise

  • Competitive rates

  • Aggressive turnaround time with quality assurance

  • 24x7 Customer support

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Case Studies

Product Development for Fintech

BFSI product development for a seed-funded Fintech looking for technology partners.

Enterprise Solution for E-commerce

For a Series-A funded E-commerce start-up, wanting to replace its logistics partner.

Automation Overhaul for a Banking Platform

Re-architecting vast testing suite for a banking application, to reduce execution time along with 100% automation.

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