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Software Development - Case Study

Automation Overhaul for a Banking Platform


  • Re-architecting a vast automation suite for a credit-card banking application, to reduce its execution time and to be able to run it without any manual intervention.

  • Tech Stack – Java, Jenkins, Rest-Assured, Selenium, Cucumber, Oracle, DB2, H2

Business Challenge

  • Automation suite being brittle - took a long time to complete execution with frequent manual interventions, with the result of needing over 2 weeks to complete “selective” regression.

  • The dependency of automation suite on many external services and databases, added to its complexity.

Solution Offered

  • Focused efforts around service virtualization and stubbing responses.

  • Studied structure and composition of DB schemas exhaustively, to efficiently create in-memory databases stubs.

  • Refactored automation BDD scripts to be more business centric, and less technical and elaborative step definitions.

  • Stressed on frequent execution of scripts on CI servers, with greater discipline to keep them green.

Business Benefits

  • Squeezed regression execution time to less than a week, with multiple modules being fully automated.

  • Greater knowledge of external system interactions and composition of DB schemas.

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