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Software Development - Case Study

Enterprise Solution for E-commerce


  • For a Series-A funded E-commerce start-up, wanting to replace its logistics partner.

  • Involved in developing a logistics and inventory management system, supporting their core team.

  • Tech Stack – AWS, Java (spring-boot, spring-cloud), Jenkins, Docker, ReactJS, NodeJS, Selenium, Cucumber, Kubernetes, MongoDB, MySQL

Business Need / Challenge

  • Validation of technical strategies and  architecture for multi-platform cloud solution.

  • Augmentation of teams with XP-specialist engineers, quality being the key.

  • Inability of existing vendor teams to churn fast incremental “ship-ready” deliveries.

Solution Offered

  • Refinement of Microservices architecture with containerized (Docker) service deployments.

  • Software development based on Scrum methodology, with focus on production-like iterative deliveries.

  • Team composed of full-stack developers engaged in all levels of automated testing, along with ops functions.

Business Benefits

  • Reduced logistics cost as well as delivery time specially in tier-2 cities far from warehouses, via real-time tracking mechanism.

  • Seamless integration with back-office customer care and inventory management systems.

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