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Agile / DevOps Consulting

Our Expertise

Enterprise Agile Adoption

indulge in large-scale transformations helping enterprises embrace, scale & sustain Agile ways of working

DevOps Enablement

guide product engineering to pick DevOps practices, facilitate adoption of relevant tools, infrastructure automation and cloud transformation

Scaled    Implementations

help scale Agile practices across the groups to align teams, focus on value & deliver with a consistent rhythm

Upscaling Engineering Practices

coach project teams to admire & adopt XP practices like TDD, BDD, CI, Clean Code, etc. in a pure way

Digital Transformation

Analytics & UX led technology focus to help transform processes & business models to be consumer & market driven

Continuous Delivery Architectures

help engineer & grow microservices architectures, legacy modernization, exhaustive test automation strategies & release management

Process & Cultural

Enterprise & Team Coaching

Cultural & Process Assessments

Agile Portfolio Management


Software Craftsmanship

CD Pipeline & Automation

Cloud Strategy & Migration


Rapid Prototyping

Enterprise Mobility

AI & Big Data

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